"I believe in God only I spell it Nature."  

Frank Lloyd Wright

  Since childhood, Nature has called to me. When I was little, I didn’t grasp how strong that pull was. The years passed, my husband and I raised a family and time became so invested with the material world.  Nature waited patiently on the sidelines for me to revisit. It was a long wait. With children mostly grown, and a nest emptying, I had the time to return to my earliest muse as I felt her calling me.    

I lost my father to lung cancer in the early fall of 2001. The springtime of the following year it was nature that finally offered healing from that loss. With my camera, I explored the world of macro photography and Texas native flowers seemed as if they had been waiting to restore me. I found myself immersed in a beautiful world I had never known. A tiny world that suddenly became large and important to me. It became a world I wanted to share. How had I missed all of this beauty for so long? I didn’t want others to miss it.    

The passage of time does bring advantages. And, becoming like one’s own mother can be a blessing. I inherited my love of gardening from my  beautiful mother who to this day at 88 years of age maintains and has one of the most lovely gardens I’ve seen. Feeling the sun on my shoulders, the wind on my skin and watching the charming habits of many species of birds along with squirrels at my backyard feeders is a show that transports me away and beyond this precarious world. 

This rejuvenating show does not stop -  even in the Texas winter. I am serenaded by the prissy Bewick wrens as they sing from now vacant trellises where jasmine will bloom again in the spring. Stately and stunning, hawks glide overhead and doves gently coo as they bob across the yard. Squirrels perform their acrobatics while munching corn, peanuts and sunflower seeds.  A cup of coffee or a glass of wine, a soft sweater -  and there is simply no better way to spend a winter day.    

As the trees appear to be slumbering in January, deep down in the earth they are preparing for their spring dance. Could we take a cue from them? 

 I love the late afternoon sunlight upon bare tree branches against a beautiful sky. It is visual poetry for the eyes and soul. It is a joy to share this with all of you and I look forward to doing so with images and hand crafted creations that all have their genesis in Nature. I borrow from her colors, I admire her textures. 

The world is too much with us. Perhaps you could use a little bit of peace, hope, rest and time out from the news and hectic world humankind  has wrought.  I encourage you, wherever you are, whatever season it is, to make time to connect with Nature.  Share your photos, feelings and inspirations with me and with the world. Nature is waiting, we are waiting. We need each other. 

I wish you peace, hope and inspiration.