“Flowers don’t worry about how they’re going to bloom. They just open up and turn toward the light and that makes them beautiful.”Jim Carrey

How have you been spending these unusual past few months? How has it changed your life? How has it changed you?

I can say that what I have unequivocally missed the most is seeing my children and grandchildren. The sweet giggles and sounds of make-believe play are LOUDLY missing. I sorely miss sharing a glass of wine and conversation, and hearing about what is going on in everyone's life as well. I count myself very thankful that I have the ability to at least video chat to see the faces I miss most.  Now if I can just get my mom to learn how to use her Echo!  

I cannot wait for the return of actual visits and the warm embrace of hugs! I am grateful every day for the blessing of my immediate family's health during this time. We have all had to forego gathering for Easter and Mother's Day, which has made me realize just how precious those times together are. I only thought I knew, but now I realize it SO much more. Remember the song lyrics: "Don't it always seem to go, that you don't know what you got till its gone?"  Truth, Joni!

Figuring out how to fill my hours meaningfully since I have so much more time on my hands has been an adjustment. Yes, I actually miss making PB&J sandwiches and pushing grandkids on the swing for hours. My first order of business was to find a balanced perspective amid the selective chaos the media spews. Now more than ever, I appreciate the fact I have a comfortable home, family nearby, plenty to eat - everything I need. Most importantly, all of that is wrapped up in the blessing of health. 

I am grateful for the healthcare and frontline workers and all they are doing. I appreciate all those we do not hear about who keep the gas and electricity going, the water flowing, communication available, food and all the supply chains moving. I realize there are more unsung heros working every day than we will ever know. There are many great people out there who do not reside in fancy offices, or have fancy titles, but they are heroes and I will never forget them. I am sickened by the politics being played. They are worse than the disease. I pray for an end to both.

On a happy note, this time has brought me the opportunity to learn a new skill!  My dearest friend has introduced me to playing the Native American Flute. I have always loved the sound of this beautiful instrument and now, thanks to her willingness to teach  me via FaceTime, I am realizing a life long dream. Playing this lovely instrument outside on a spring day is therapy for my mind, body and spirit like no other. It offers a comforting way to fill quiet moments when those aforementioned little giggles and visits are MIA.

As with everyone, I am coming to grips with the new normal we will apparently  live for a while until we find a valid treatment, vaccine or both. I am happy to see life slowly reopening and I look forward to the time when masks, social distancing etc. will be a thing for the history books. I accept we will have to balance some risk until then.  My list of what is important has definitely changed: It is no longer anything business related, or material, or even travel, though I will always love it. It is family, dear friends and the basics of life, not the frills, that truly matter.

I hope with the  heightened appreciation for all of these BIG "little things" we have to forego we all will come out of this smarter having learned that the little things ARE the big things, really.  So  - if you are restless or down, go out there and look, REALLY take the time to look at a flower, observe the birds, watch nature. Listen for its sounds and wild calls. Nature's peace will restore you as nothing manmade can.

May we all stay safe and well and have the compassion to help others where we see we can. We each can be the change we want to see in the world.  Hard times have a way of shining a light on that topic - and quite often give birth to creativity that can only come through such a channel. 

Stay safe and well,