"A walk in nature walks the soul back home."  Mary Davis

2020: what a year. As I take a deep breath and meditate on that, I think it's safe to say we all need to find a little beauty and peace.  

Peace is most powerful when it can be maintained within the storms of life. Nature, with all of her beauty and persistence, can offer a gateway to recenter our thoughts on what is true. While I have always been happiest when I spend time out in the natural world, I have found it even more compelling this year.  Watching the birds, squirrels, and bunnies play in my gardens renews and recenters me. I have always taken my cue from creation's infinite mix of colors, textures, and patterns as I work on my designs.  

This lovely Kasumi pearl and hematite necklace echoes the colors of a natural stone in my garden. I particularly love mixing gems from the sea with gems from the lands around the Earth as featured in this piece. This provides an opportunity to wear a combination the of natural elements that surround us. Remembering that we are a small piece in a much larger more meaningful puzzle offers me some comfort. 

Kasumi pearls are prized. They come from the freshwater of Lake Kasumi ga Ura in Japan. They are known for their intense color and historical significance in the culturing of pearls. Meanwhile, hematite is one of the most important iron oxides found in iron ore. It is one of the most abundant materials found on Earth's surface in the shallow crust. How beautiful are these two combined?!

To me, nothing manufactured can compete with wearing something "real," from the elements crafted by nature in the waters and on land. This timeless 38 inch strand is a gorgeous way to pay homage to the gifts bestowed on us by Mother Nature.  As you reach down and admire it, you will forever be reminded of how it all starts, ends and renews.....in nature.  And that is as timeless as the design itself!