"The heart of man is very much like the sea.  It has storms, it has tides and in its depths it has its pearls, too."  Vincent Van Gogh

As many of us shift gears to adopt online education habits, here's a little lesson in etymology and gemology to kickstart your week: “Aqua” is the Latin word for water and “Marine” means "of the sea," which signifies the aquamarine stone meaning and its link to ancient water kingdoms. Aquamarine is a stunning stone, translucent pale turquoise in color. It evokes the purity of crystalline waters along with the exhilaration and relaxation of the sea. 

Aquamarine history dates back more than 4,000 years to ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman times (and beyond!). As legend has it, the clear blue mineral rock was a treasure of mythical mermaids. Long considered the "sailor's lucky stone," mermaids treasured aquamarine gemstones so much that they would protect sailors who possessed them. This ancient history has remained an integral part of aquamarine meaning and the stone's protective reputation persisted throughout ancient Greek and Roman times. They believed the clear blue mineral rock provided safe passage to sailors and people who traveled by sea. As a bonus, the rock was thought to alleviate sea-sickness as well!

The gorgeous birthstone of March, aquamarine is also given to commemorate couples' 19th wedding anniversaries. One of the most popular gemstones in the world, it is a member of the Beryl family of gemstones which includes emerald and morganite, among others. 

Aquamarine gleans its unique, soothing, blue color from the presence of iron. It is commonly found in Brazil, Pakistan, Kenya, Madagascar, Nigeria, Zambia, Mozambique and elsewhere in Africa. It is also found in China, Myanmar, Russia and the Ukraine. There are deposits in the United States in Colorado and California. The gem rates 7.5 - 8 on the Mohs scale, making it durable enough to wear every day. 

In this lovely wrap necklace, smooth, polished Aquamarine beads gracefully wrap around the neck, slide through a sparkling micro pave toggle and gracefully cascade in a line of organic stones graced by a micro pave evil eye charm. Any woman (or mermaid!) would love adding this to her gemstone jewelry collection.

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