"Pearls. Take, like an oyster, your irritations, your pain.  

Use these to create your masterpiece."

 - Jessica de la Davies

Easter week 2020. It isn't what we had planned. Life has thrown the world an extremely difficult curve and we are all finding our lives turned upside down in many ways. I find it timely that this Easter week focuses on faith, and I am personally thankful for that.  

With these Baroque Pearl Cross Earrings and this Baroque Pearl Cross Necklace, nature reminds us that from irritation and pain, growth can come. Beauty and masterpieces can be born even in the midst, and sometimes because, of turmoil. The rare, baroque cross pearls grow naturally into this shape and are highly sought after for jewelry of faith. As they are so rare, the jewelry I create from them must all be custom orders. If you would love something beautiful made from these treasures of nature, please contact me and I can design something especially for you. I find that these pieces remind us of the importance of faith and never giving up during any time, despite life's obstacles.

As we all endure varied forms of irritation, pain and suffering during this time, I  wish each of you your own personal growth, beauty and masterpieces with God's blessings, grace and peace for every one of you and your families.

Although it may look different than we had planned, may you all celebrate a wonderful Easter holiday, with open eyes, hearts and ears to what is truly important.